New Home for Haystack

Announcing the new Haystack website!


In the last few months we have taken the opportunity to really think about the resources and educational material we want to provide to the Haystack community. Today, I am happy to announce that we have launched a redesigned Haystack website for our developer community! 🥳

The Haystack community has been growing fast, and with that, so are your needs. The project for a dedicated Haystack website started with the notion that resources for an open source NLP tool should go beyond just documentation of that tool. If you’re already familiar with Haystack and NLP, you know that starting out can benefit from all sorts of resources: tutorials, articles, the support of a community and, depending on the type of learner you are, audio and visual content, events, and more! Our previous website focused purely on documentation which, for a while, was exactly what we needed. But as time went by and Haystack itself grew, we noticed that documentation was becoming its own product. That left Haystack in need of a website of its own. So with this launch, we want to plant the seed of a home for Haystack where we collect all types of resources, for different levels🎉. In short, we want to provide ourselves and the community with a playground!

Last month, we announced to our Haystack community on Discord that we started migrating our docs to a new, dedicated documentation site. With the launch of the new website, all of our documentation content will start getting redirected to the new docs and the older content on the Haystack website gets deprecated. While on the Haystack website you will find:

🎨 Redesigned homepage and overview pages to learn about Haystack at a high level.

📓 A new tutorials page organized by difficulty level.

💙 A new community page where you can also follow upcoming events.

📈 A Haystack Benchmarks page (more coming soon!).

This is just the beginning. This website will be an ever evolving and improving product (we already have a handful of improvement tasks on the list!).

We would love to hear how you like to learn about new tools and topics! We’re always here to hear your ideas, just drop us a message on Discord 🥳.