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Meet deepset Cloud, built with Haystack

deepset Cloud accelerates the development and deployment of custom business applications with large language models (LLMs). Built using Haystack, deepset's leading AI framework, deepset Cloud enables fast and accurate prototyping, building, and launching of advanced AI applications.

Streamline the AI Application Development Lifecycle for Rapid, Reliable Adoption

  • Build fast.

    Get the processes, tools, and expertise you need to move quickly and confidently from prototype to production – all in one place.

  • Launch with confidence.

    Optimize your solution’s accuracy, performance, and cost with industry leading testing and observability. Then, go live at any scale in one click.

  • Be in control.

    Make AI innovation your advantage. Escape vendor lock-in and explore new models and configurations with your data, without limits.

  • Grow your expertise.

    Extend your team with access to our world-class AI engineers. Get guidance and support every step of the way, from ideation to implementation and beyond.

Speed up Your AI Development Cycle

Deliver AI innovation with one collaborative platform for your product, AI, and business teams.

Connect Your Data

  • Enhance LLMs with business and customer context.
  • Ingest all unstructured and structured data.
  • Process, vectorize, and index data at 10x speed.
  • Integrate with any of your existing data sources.

Optimize Your Models

  • Pick from leading AI models like GPT-4, Llama-v2, Falcon, Claude or bring your own LLM.
  • Draw from a library of application templates and building blocks, from data pre-processing to hybrid retrieval.
  • Optimize prompts in a dedicated prompt engineering playground.
  • Fine-tune models in GPU Notebooks.

Prototype and Test

  • Run structured experiments with simple configuration and comparison tools.
  • Assess performance using both traditional and model-based metrics.
  • Share prototypes to collect user feedback.
  • Iterate and evaluate quickly to create production-ready solutions in record time.

Deploy and Monitor

  • Deploy to production with one click.
  • Query your pipeline via REST API.
  • Leverage auto-scaling infrastructure to adjust to your traffic.
  • Monitor performance metrics including groundedness, requests, latency, and usage.

See How deepset Cloud Can Help You

Learn how you can build enterprise-grade production applications with full speed and trust.

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Modern AI Architectures at your Fingertips

Go custom or choose from templated LLM-solutions to solve any use case – from simple to complex.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Retrieve relevant documents, use them to inform responses, and generate accurate and contextually rich answers to complex queries.


Automate and streamline tasks, workflows, and insight generation with an compound AI system capable of complex reasoning and decision making.

Conversational BI (Text to SQL)

Transform natural language queries into SQL commands, ask questions of complex datasets, and make data analysis more accessible and intuitive.

Question Answering

Pinpoint the exact location of an answer, efficiently extract and cite information, and generate human-like responses to questions.

Vector-Based Search

Understand and retrieve information based on semantic similarity, deliver highly accurate and relevant search results, and provide an advanced recommendation service.


Integrate and process multiple forms of data including text, PDFs, images, audio, and video for an enriched user experience.

See How deepset Cloud Can Help You

Learn how you can build enterprise-grade production applications with full speed and trust.

Frequently asked questions

  • AI helps businesses enhance customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks, improve decision-making processes, and increase operational efficiency. With Generative AI, companies can process large volumes of data quickly, create conversational AI experiences for customers, gain insights from data analytics, and streamline various business operations.

  • AI can enhance customer service through chatbots, virtual assistants, and automated support systems. These tools provide instant responses, handle common queries, and share tailored recommendations or suggested workflows. All of this is achievable with improved response times, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced workload for human agents.

  • AI benefits various industries such as finance, insurance, legal, media, publishing, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, and logistics. In finance, AI automates manual processes with intelligent document processing. In insurance, AI can expedite claim management. In healthcare, it aids in diagnostics, patient care, and clinical trial analysis. Retail benefits from personalized marketing and support. Technology and manufacturing see improvements in sales, user interfaces, and self-service support. Media and publishing gain in subscriber conversion and retention through personalized content discovery.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI, that includes the use of AI LLM technologies, that enables machines to process and interpret human language. In general, by implementing NLP, companies can leverage human language to interact with computers and data. Areas of NLP include semantic search, question answering (QA), conversational AI (chatbots), text summarization, document similarity, question generation, text generation, machine translation, text mining, speech recognition — to name a few use cases.

  • Businesses can start by identifying key areas where AI can add value, such as conversational interfaces on their website and/or products, customer service, data analytics, or business process automation. Partnering with AI solution providers like deepset can help businesses understand, test, and integrate AI technologies effectively and efficiently into customer experiences and business workflows at a fraction of time and cost of building out an AI development infrastructure.

  • deepset offers two AI development and deployment tools: Haystack and deepset Cloud. Haystack, an open-source AI orchestration framework, enables top developers to innovate with AI. deepset Cloud, a comprehensive commercial SaaS platform, allows businesses to build, test, and deploy generative AI applications to enhance customer-facing products and productivity workflows. These tools support advanced AI solutions such as retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), AI agents, semantic search, question answering, text-to-SQL, and document processing.