We make machines understand language so that humans can achieve more.

LLMs Run Deep In Our History

We founded deepset in 2018, the year of the first large language model.

Within three weeks after Google had released their breakthrough BERT model, we trained a BERT model in the German language from scratch.

Starting out as a professional services business, we applied our NLP expertise working with large enterprise customers such as Airbus and Siemens.

Along the way, we shared our knowledge through Haystack, an Open Source Python framework that quickly became the industry standard for semantic search and question answering.

Today, we are providing developers at enterprises with the tools they need to build successful applications with large language models.

Our Mission

We empower developers to make NLP part of every application in every enterprise.

Language will be the interface to every kind of data.

At deepset, we focus on paving the way to this by building Haystack - the Open Source framework that makes it possible for every developer to power software and products with State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing.

But this is not where it ends: it is not just about the tech stack but also about the workflows and the organizational complexity.

Developers are also the convergence between tech and the actual adoption of enterprises - a lot is needed to make them succeed and we do everything to enable them to do so!

Backed by leading AI venture firms

Balderton Capital
Lunar Ventures
Acequia Capital

Meet our leadership team

  • Milos Rusic

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Malte Pietsch

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Anna Gründler

    VP Operations & People

  • Sean Morris

    VP Global Sales

  • Mathis Lucka

    VP Product

  • Jay Wilder

    VP Marketing

We deal in AI, but our culture is real

We are a distributed team on a joint mission to make language the natural interface between humans and machines. We take ownership, and we aim for impact. We deliver candid and actionable feedback. We value mutual respect, curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do at deepset

  • We are on a joint mission

    We have one common goal, one set of values and we can only achieve them by working and empowering each other. We share open, candid, constructive, and actionable feedback.

  • Take and respect ownership

    Everyone at deepset is an owner. Take ownership, take initiative, be responsible and accountable for your actions. If you see a gap, step up and fill it.

  • Focus on impact and be brave

    We stand out for our pragmatism, fast decision making and fast iterations. The outcomes matter. Not the way towards them.

  • Leave your comfort zone

    Challenge yourself to go the extra mile. Motivate others to push even further. Grow faster than ever and make us win as a team!

  • Embrace our diversity

    At deepset, we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the differences within our team. We believe that different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas create better outcomes.

What our people are saying about us

- Work on cutting-edge technologies
- A great culture, creative environment and highly talented people to work with
- They care about you as a person and encourage your personal development
- High impact on the product
- Work on open source software

Current deepset employee
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- Culture is truly open source: very collaborative, open and sharing culture
- Tech: Working on cutting edge NLP with bright minds
- Clear vision and way forward, deepset really has the potential to shape the NLP market :)
- Real use cases and real customers
- People development: You can go to conferences to stay at the forefront of latest NLP knowledge, you get individual feedback and coaching if needed
- Remote working possible, daily interactions and we meet in person regularly
- Very professional for the early stage deepset is in

- Early stage - so there is a degree of uncertainty
Advice to Management
Stay as inspirational and laser-focused as you are!

Current deepset employee

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I worked as an intern/working student at deepset. I really appreciated that the entire company treated me as a “full member” and engaged me in decision-making. The company has an educational atmosphere allowing me and my colleagues to learn a lot and develop ourselves. During my work at deepset, I was able to take on a lot of responsibility while being supported with steady feedback sessions. The team spirit is great -- the entire team is very collaborative and highly motivated.

As deepset is a start-up there is less structure and working at deepset can be more dynamic than in larger companies. However, for me, this is also a pro as it provides more freedom and allows you to engage in defining structures and processes.

Former deepset employee

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