Language is the new interface to data

Finding the right information in a trove of text data is an ever-increasing problem.

We believe natural language is the most flexible and powerful way to interact with data and applications.

A tectonic transformation in search is happening, thanks to a collaborative effort within an open ecosystem.

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Where we come from

We believe NLP is a game changer

We founded deepset in 2018 to address the most powerful application for NLP — semantic search.

We've worked with the largest enterprise customers to help them process data differently.

We bridged the gap between research and industry.

When BERT was released, it disrupted the enterprise search.

Within three weeks, we had trained our own BERT tailored for a customer in the aerospace domain.

We iterated fast, contributed to major open source projects and listened to our customers. That helped us develop Haystack, a renowned end-to-end NLP framework.

Meet our team

We are a distributed team of people driven by the idea of making natural language processing as practical as possible.

  • Milos Rusic



    Milos has always been passionate about the power of mathematics and statistics. He studied at TU Munich, the Center for Digital Technology and Management, and UC Berkeley. Before co-founding deepset, he was responsible for go-to-market and business development at Konux.

  • Malte Pietsch



    Malte leads the engineering teams behind deepset Cloud and Haystack. He holds a MSc with honors from TU Munich and conducted research at Carnegie Mellon University. Before starting deepset Malte worked as a data scientist for several startups.

  • Timo Möller


    Head of ML

    Timo Möller is always at the intersection of the latest research and the applied use of NLP. He also works with our enterprise customers on developing NLP-enabled products in deepset Cloud. Timo studied computational neuroscience and is a devotee of all-things-NLP.

We aspire to lower the barrier to solution-centric NLP. Our culture is about making things happen, respectful interactions, curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm and humor. Here's our team at work!

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