Using Large Language Models in the Insurance Industry

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The insurance industry deals with a growing volume of both internal and external text documents daily. This accumulation leads to massive amounts of structured and unstructured data insurance professionals use in their decision-making processes. However, the constant influx of data-rich documents, and the limited time for processing them, has an increasing number of insurance companies turning to large language models (LLMs) to optimize the performance and efficiency of their systems.

deepset Cloud can help with your transition to an intelligent, LLM-driven, Google-like search experience for insurance industry applications.

The Challenge

Reliance on text-dense documents to make intelligent, data-driven decisions quickly

In insurance, the processes of underwriting, claims processing, risk analysis, report analysis, and customer interactions all heavily rely on text-dense documents. The teams behind these processes must sift through hundreds of documents to locate relevant information which is vital for drawing accurate conclusions and making valid predictions. The task is so daunting, employees often spend up to one-third of their time seeking the information crucial for their work, with one of the largest challenges being finding the precise information necessary for analysis.

The Solution

Gather and analyze cumbersome insurance documents and files with LLMS

LLM-enabled applications greatly assist insurance employees by delivering faster, more accurate, and ultimately more efficient search results, enabling employees to access and analyze essential information and to make informed decisions much faster.

The current state of generative AI such as LLMs in application development allows enterprises to leverage its capabilities for text data analysis, making the cost and implications of not implementing LLMs considerable.

LLMs can be used for a variety of tasks in the insurance industry:

  • Analysis of reports, claims, and regulatory documents
  • Monitoring of economic news and publications

  • Organization and screening of client documents

  • Risk assessment

  • Qualitative market research

  • Generation of aggregate reports

  • Policy compliance analysis

Insurance organizations can realize several benefits by incorporating LLMs into their applications, all without incurring unnecessary costs in time or capital:

  • Reducing time spent on document search

  • Assisting in classifying, analyzing, and validating reports, claims, and documents

  • Extracting valuable information previously hidden in vast insurance data troves

  • Faster time-to-output rate while ensuring high-quality results

  • Improving customer relationships and satisfaction

  • Enhancing the accuracy of risk assessments

  • Identifying and eliminating bias in decisions

  • Efficiently restructuring existing processes to reduce time lags

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Why LLMs?

New open source models and algorithms now allow millions of developers to build what was previously available only to the industry giants like Google or Facebook. Thanks to deepset Cloud, it’s now possible for enterprises to rapidly replicate LLM’s game-changing capabilities for text data analysis – based on their unique needs.

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