Using Large Language Models in the Legal Industry

Reduce risks and improve response time to legal inquiries by adding LLMs to your legal research tools

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One of the oldest and most established businesses in the world, the legal industry can trace its origins to ancient Greece. It is also one of the most complex, relying heavily on in-domain knowledge and manual processes. Large language models (LLMs) are revolutionizing the speed at which adopters can research and review contracts, automate redundant tasks, and leverage artificial intelligence in analytics.

deepset Cloud can help with your transition to an intelligent, LLM-driven, Google-like search experience for legal industry applications.

The Challenge

Reduce the complexity in repetitive and high-stakes processes

The law is a deeply complex field, defined by highly accurate, repetitive, and often manual processes, which can only be executed by those with domain expertise. For example, processing insurance claims can include multiple claimants – often well into the thousands – and must follow strict processes to determine the outcome of claims against a legal framework. Even something as simple as giving legal advice to a client can come with a heavy workload and consequences. LLMs can expedite the legal research and information discovery processes and add an additional layer of accuracy to a herculean task that has the potential to span years for a single case where teams are required to sift manually through documents.

The Solution

Streamline cumbersome legal business challenges with LLM integrations

Large Language Model augmented business applications harness the power of generative artificial intelligence so end-users in the financial industry can query the information they need using their own natural human language. The result is precise and concise answers and summaries pulled from a virtual chasm of documents versus sifting through a list of suggested documents to check manually.

Search and Discovery

  • LLMs can significantly speed the legal search and discovery process by mining databases for high-quality documents, and suggesting semantically similar documents and texts. Austrian legal publishing house Manz, whose online legal database, RDB Rechtsdatenbank, houses more than three million documents, leverages deepset Cloud to enable customers to research case law, review documents, and find 30 facets to their legal problem with just a single query – making for a faster, more accurate, and more enjoyable research process.

  • LLMs help legal professionals with cross-referencing, research, and classification by analyzing relationships and patterns in unstructured text. Further, named entity recognition (NER) identifies and categorizes key information within texts for a smoother search and classification process. Manz uses NLP to process new documents with an underlying language model to seamlessly incorporate them into its document similarity search feature.

Client Relations

  • LLMs can process questions structured in human language as either text or voice data – even if the person asking the question does not fully understand legal terminology. Performing lemmatization, part of speech tagging, and disambiguation, generative AI is able to analyze the question’s sentiment and intent to connect questions to the correct answer. This takes the burden off legal professionals to manually respond to simple queries.

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Why LLMs?

New open source models and algorithms now allow millions of developers to build what was previously available only to the industry giants like Google or Facebook. Thanks to deepset Cloud, it’s now possible for enterprises to rapidly replicate LLM’s game-changing capabilities for text data analysis – based on their unique needs.

Building from scratch?

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    From vector storage to GPU inference, things become hard when you do them at scale. deepset Cloud manages all the underlying infrastructure for you so that you can focus on developing the features your product needs.

  • Future-proof your application

    Generative AI capabilities are advancing at an unprecedented pace. New and better models emerge all the time. If you’re using deepset Cloud in your app, you have our team of solution engineers making sure you aren’t stuck with a single-vendor model. With deepset Cloud, you can easily use and compare models like GPT-4, Llama-v2 or Claude.

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    We know what it takes to build an application in an enterprise context. In deepset Cloud, you can manage access with MFA and SSO, and your data layer can stay in your VPC. If you need that little extra boost, our NLP experts will support you with professional services.

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