Build production-ready NLP services

deepset Cloud is a SaaS platform to build natural language processing applications.

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Why use deepset Cloud?

  • Start building in minutes

    All core NLP components in one platform. Pick a model, add documents, pre-process, index, and build a demo UI. Compose and deploy custom NLP pipelines.

  • Fast experimentation

    Quickly iterate, evaluate, and compare models with your own metrics and evaluation datasets. Collect end user requirements and launch a demo within days, not months.

  • Move to production

    Deploy as many NLP pipelines as you want on our cloud. Focus on your product and not on running the infrastructure. Quickly integrate NLP in your app with APIs.

  • Continuous NLP

    Once your NLP service is in production, use deepset Cloud for service monitoring and collecting user feedback. Improve model performance with our MLOps-focused tools.

Build NLP applications fast

From data to API-driven NLP backend services in days.

  • No model lock-in — use any model at any time

    Pick any model from Hugging Face's Model Hub. Quickly deploy it for evaluation. Swap for a new one when needed.

  • Feature-rich model evaluation

    We are experts in model evaluation and fine-tuning. Behind the deepset Cloud workflows are our knowledge and years of experience. We will guide you, so you can be an expert too.

  • Custom NLP pipelines

    Of course one size doesn't fit all. You should have the flexibility to build solution-centric NLP pipelines for a variety of NLP tasks. It's easy to architect Haystack pipelines with deepset Cloud.

  • Scalable API-driven deployments

    Transformer models are no easy fit to deploy at scale. We've already architected the most scalable infrastructure for you to deploy your NLP backend services.

  • Involve everyone

    Modern NLP-enabled product lifecycle requires participation from various teams. We've been through a lot of projects like that, so we took care of the key stakeholders' needs in deepset Cloud — from developers to product owners to business end users.

  • Practical and robust

    deepset Cloud is the result of years of work helping enterprise clients to implement production-ready NLP services. The technology behind it is our renowned open source NLP framework — Haystack.

Our users' voice

  • “Haystack NLP allowed us to easily build domain-specific question answering pipelines for many different contexts.”Etalab

  • “Virtual assistant chatbot based on open domain question answering utilizing the Haystack NLP framework is a powerful solution enabling professionals to seek technical help on our enterprise business website.”Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise