Questions, Answered: Building Scalable QA Pipelines with Pinecone

Pinecone makes it easy to build high-performance vector search applications.

Pinecone is a fully managed, cloud-native vector database with a simple API and no infrastructure hassles. 

Once you have vector embeddings in Pinecone, you can manage and search through them to power semantic search, recommenders, and other applications that rely on relevant information retrieval. Pinecone allows for low latency, even with billions of vectors, a live index that updates when you add, edit, or delete data, and combines efficient vector search with metadata filters for more accurate, faster results. 

What is Haystack?

Haystack is our open source NLP framework. Our goal is to bring modular NLP systems to the fingertips of any developer. With Haystack, you can mix and match the latest Transformer models, build search pipeline configurations for your particular use case, and quickly bring them to production.

A Haystack pipeline consists of nodes that are the building blocks for semantic document retrieval, question answering, natural language generation and many other applications.

Pinecone and Haystack: Fully-Managed Vector DB Meets Modern NLP Framework

Pinecone brings you an easy-to-use vector DB at massive scale and high performance — without incurring the high costs. That’s not all! Pinecone is also: 

  • Fast with ultra-low query latency at any scale, even with billions of items.
  • Fresh with live index updates when you add, edit, or delete data.
  • Filtered: Combine vector search with metadata filters for more relevant, faster results.
  • Fully managed: Easy to start, use, and scale, while we keep things running smoothly and securely.

Now with Haystack and Pinecone together, your question answering, semantic search, document ranking, and more are easier than ever. Haystack reads your documents and interprets natural language queries — using Pinecone as a remote vector search database to speed up the text retrieval step at scale.

Getting Started with Haystack and Pinecone

For more information on getting started with Haystack, have a look at our blog or the documentation page.To begin using Pinecone, follow the quickstart guide. To learn more about what you can build with Pinecone and Haystack together, follow the instructions in Pinecone’s documentation. Finally, if you want to see an example of how you can use Pinecone and Haystack, take a look at our recorded workshop featuring an explanation of a question answering pipeline.