Analyze Financial Documents Through Question Answering

Get answers to the questions on annual reports and earning call transcripts.

Demonstration of Question Answering

See how we use our Question Answering model to analyze a transcript of a Microsoft's earning call.

Semantic understanding enables the question answering system to find passages in the transcript that offer best answers to the question.

Question Answering for Financial Information

deepset's Question Answering model for Financial Information enables you to analyze earning call transcripts and annual reports flexibly, conveniently, and fast.

  • Fast

    Avoid going through all the documents to find a particular information. Directly find the relevant passages to your questions.

  • Flexible

    The system works without predefined rules and can be applied to financial information regardless of the company or industry.

  • Simple

    Because the question answering system understands natural language, it is simple to use it without major onboarding. You can choose a company and simply start the analysis.