Enhancing Customer Experience Through Question Answering

Provide service agents with a tool to help the customers quicker and easier.

Demonstration of Question Answering

Question Answering works for all kinds of questions and many different use cases.

Whether you want to apply it to a knowledge base, a handbook, a manual, or a product description – a question answering system can be instrumental in improving customer experience.

To illustrate how Question Answering can help your business, watch the video below with an example about the questions on credit card terms.

Question Answering for Customer Self-Service

See a demonstration of a system for providing customers with answers on product-related questions. The data the answers are based on, is taken from the product information sheets, terms and conditions, and other standard documents.

  • Fast

    Helps agents and customers to quickly get the relevant information.

  • Flexible

    Question answering system does not require pre-defined rules. It answers questions based on a semantic understanding. No maintenance is required maintenance once the training is performed.

  • Simple

    It works by simply asking a question in natural language — no specific tutorial or onboarding is necessary to make use of the system.