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The online media industry is under pressure to deliver more content with improved engagement rates on shorter deadlines. Strategic priorities that leverage the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) include organizing vast amounts of text for discovery. For example, a publishing house may need to granularly organize millions of articles, documents and other written assets so they are easily searchable for journalists, and can be personalized for curated tutorials and recommendation algorithms for users. 

LLMs Address Key Challenges for Online Media

  • Content Evaluation

    Publishers are under increased pressure to create desired content for a variety of platforms and customers – both enterprises and individuals. Using an LLM filter to weed out unpublishable manuscripts allows employees to be freed up to focus on high-priority projects such as advancing quality content.

  • Reaching a Global Audience

    Integrating LLM technology for machine translation services removes the redundancy of having employees manually translate each text into multiple languages. With LLMs handling these translation services, your team is empowered to spend their time ideating and delivering higher priority projects.

  • Archival services

    Publishing and production houses contain millions of texts and that number only grows by the day. Using LLMs to granularly organize and distribute these large corpus texts on an as-needed basis makes research easier for journalists within the publishing house as well as stakeholders of the publishing industry.

Challenges for Companies Adopting AI

  • Get the right team

    Enhance product teams on how to build AI powered products, how to do the interfaces between developer teams look like

  • Tailor to your business

    Provide maximum value and competitiveness

  • Trustworthiness and control

    How to manage AI with all its flaws in production setups and how to assess business value

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Why LLMs?

New open source models and algorithms now allow millions of developers to build what was previously available only to the industry giants like Google or Facebook. Thanks to deepset Cloud, it’s now possible for enterprises to rapidly replicate LLM’s game-changing capabilities for textual evaluations, processing, discovery, analysis and generation – based on their unique needs.

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    Generative AI capabilities are advancing at an unprecedented pace. New and better models emerge all the time. If you’re using deepset Cloud in your app, you have our team of solution engineers making sure you aren’t stuck with a single-vendor model. With deepset Cloud, you can easily use and compare models like GPT-4, Llama-v2 or Claude.

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